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You Just Found Out You Are Having Twins?!

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Find yourself a group of supportive TWIN mothers, ASAP.  Having other mom friends isn’t enough, you need someone who really understands what you’re about to go through, not only to help you through the bad times, but because they understand the good! Moms who’ve had all their babies singley, seem to think that taking care of newborn twins is cruel and unusual punishment, instead of what it really is, a wonderful blessing! Luckily there are dozens of forums, Facebook groups, and mommy blogs that reach out specifically to mothers of multiples. You’ll almost definitely be able to find a blog that reaches right into your niche, whether you’re a single parent, one or both of your children is disabled, your babies wear cloth diapers, they were conceived from fertility drugs, or are coming after your first four children, and adding to an already big family. There’s someone else out there who knows what you’re going through, so find them! And make friends. I'm a stay at home mama, trying to excel at all things "motherly" and "homemakery" (real word, right?) although more honestly, I'm just trying to take pictures of my kids that hide how messy our apartment is.  Our family is cute.  In fact, I think it's the cutest family in the world. Although, I will admit that I may be a tad biased.  Visit my blog at