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Easy Ways To Find Cheap Furniture

Your room will look pretty sad without furniture,

Your room will look pretty sad without furniture, but nothing is sadder than spending all your money at the beginning of the year on stuff that will probably end up broken or beer-stained anyway. Cheap furniture is the way to go when you’re in college, and there are several ways to go about this.

1. Talk to friends – people will always have some miscellaneous stuff that they want to sell or even give away. Ask around and use social media to find out if anybody is trying to get rid of any furniture.

2. Check craigslist – there are some great deals to be found every area, and craigslist is a great place to save money on used furniture. Be sure to research who the seller is though…

3. Go to thrift shops – thrift shops are more than just a Macklemore song; they have lots of cheap, vintage furniture that would look great in any college student’s apartment or dorm. Just make sure you wash whatever you buy there; you don’t want them to smell like R. Kelly’s sheets.

4. Browse garage sales – if you like haggling, garage sales can be great places to get furniture for low, low prices. Many areas will organize multiple garage sales on one day, so plan accordingly.