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High-Performance Success Formula

If you are training to get ahead in

If you are training to get ahead in any sport or performance-based activity, you are probably focused primarily (or perhaps exclusively) on building your skill level. However, technical mastery is only part of the equation.

Follow the High-Performance Success Formula below to accelerate your quest for peak performance.

The Formula: P= p + a – i

Formula explained: Your Peak Performance (P) equals your (p) Potential (technical skills mastery/all that you are capable of being at that particular point in time) plus your (a) Attitude (your confidence, belief, trust, presence) MINUS the (i) – Interference (the stuff that gets in your way).

In summary, it is critical that you always work to REDUCE the interference (both external and internal) at the same time as you are working to build your skills mastery (p) and improving your attitude (a) if you want to achieve your peak performance.

Credit: Harmony from the Inside Out by Jan Carley