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Learn how to be a Climate Creator

Do you spend your life allowing your mood to be governed by external things that happen or by how someone else feels? Instead, take control and become a climate creator. We all have the capacity to create and maintain our own levels of focus, mood and energy in whatever we do. We have the power to consciously create the climate that will positively affect both our lives and the lives of those around us.

Think of yourself as being a THERMOSTAT, not a thermometer. Instead of being reactive to the temperature in the room like a thermometer would be, challenge yourself to SET the temperature you want and maintain it like a thermostat would.

How to be a Climate Creator:
1/ Be intentional about thinking of the kind of CLIMATE you want to create. (For example – before you walk into work, think about what you want that day to feel like)
2/ Choose a KEY WORD that represents your intention. Make your key word one that will positively contribute to atmosphere you want to create. (e.g. / Productive, Fun, Passionate, Efficient)
3/ Repeat that word several times that day. Hold it present for yourself. Write it out.
4/ Recognize that you do have an impact. How you show up will directly affect any climate in which you exist.
5/ Be a Thermostat and make adjustments to keep that desired climate regulated to where you want it to be. You have the control. Empower yourself!