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Make Real Connections in an Anti-Violence Program

With the concerns and awareness regarding public safety, reducing violence is paramount. Violence has a crippling and rippling effect on our families, neighborhoods, communities, businesses, schools, churches, country, and the world.
The Real Gunz Anti-Violence Program is designed to prevent and intervene to decrease bullying and gun violence towards our youth, young adults and all people so that they will not become victims and perpetrators.
This program is designed to be completed with customization for a variety of professional and educational institutions, social and criminal justice systems, along with faith-based, community and civic service groups, within time frames, such as:

1-day workshop
2-day workshop
8 weeks of 90-minute sessions
12 weeks of 1-hour sessions

Some feel “we don’t have a gun problem,” and this program is designed to keep it that way.

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