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Notice, Acknowledge, Ignore - 3 Easy Steps to Stay Focused

How we manage the external interferences that affect our mental state can mean the difference between successful productivity and distracted failure. Our worlds are brimming with stimuli that routinely bombard us and prevent us from being fully present in the moment and able to focus 100% on the task at hand. These external interferences can come in many forms including noises, weather, technology, health, co-workers etc.

When you become aware of any kind of external interference that is having a detrimental mental effect, you can adopt a 3-step mental management process like the Zen Buddhists: "Turn your head to it, nod in its direction, then turn your head and ignore it."

3 Simple Steps to Managing External Interference:
1. Consciously notice the distraction or interference.
2. Give a big old nod in its direction to acknowledge its existence
3. Then, just as consciously turn your head and ignore it.

Remember these three words: "Notice, Acknowledge, and Ignore."