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Patty Wetterling--grief

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Patty and Jerry Wetterling’s eleven-year-old son, Jacob, was abducted at dusk by a masked gunman in 1989--he is still missing to this day.

"Our recovery started slowly, by first getting out of bed one day and then getting dressed.  It took little baby steps initially.  Learning to accept help was difficult. You should let go of negative people and thoughts.  Hold on to what is good in your life.  Try to find and believe in your dreams, and do not give up on them.  I yelled at God and felt anger because I could not understand how this could happen, but I have to believe that he is with Jacob, and taking care of him. 

I believe in miracles and hope that if I pray enough, good will happen.  The world can be better. I do believe hope is what carried me.  I look at “hope” as an action word, because you must get out there and work.  I am fighting for my son, for I would do anything to preserve how Jacob saw the world.  No one can take away the eleven years we had.   I cannot let go of what he believed in just because someone did a terrible thing. You must fight for how you want life to be."

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