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The New Facebook Algorithm--Why You Need a Strong Social Media Employer Brand

Facebook recently changed the algorithm it uses to

Facebook recently changed the algorithm it uses to deliver content to users’ news feeds. The change was designed to create a better user experience with less spam and irrelevant posts clogging peoples’ news feeds. The algorithm now strictly limits what posts users see from the groups they and their friends follow. It’s based on what links a user clicks, and how they interact with that link after they’ve clicked it. Users can also actively hide users and specific sources of posts.

The problem that owners of Facebook Groups and Pages are now facing is that their content is no longer reaching the same number of people organically as they were before the change. Many companies have expressed frustration that their audience has been cut significantly by these algorithm changes, and we can imagine that many employers are questioning the value of spending time and resources on maintaining their Facebook Groups and Pages for a smaller audience. However, these changes have made it more important than ever to have a strong employer brand on Facebook. A strong employer brand is one that establishes your company as a desirable place to work; somewhere where employees are appreciated, given interesting and challenging work, and compensated in a way they value. It’s important to maintain this brand on Facebook despite the algorithm changes because of Facebook’s value as an information source, and because of the way the algorithm treats posts.

Even though you may be reaching fewer people, Facebook still has the largest social media audience and a large portion of that audience use the site as a source of information. Maintaining a strong employer brand, even if you use minimal resources, means that people who search you out will see what it’s like to work for you and what jobs you offer. Writing Facebook off as a waste of resources means you miss out on an important information-seeking audience.

The new algorithm is supposed to show users only content that interests them. If your employer brand is something that people seek out and want to see, you will reach more people. And while you may now reach fewer people, you should be focusing on making a larger impression on those people who do see your content. By limiting your engagement on Facebook you are limiting your impact on those you do reach, which in turn will lower your overall reach as fewer people will find your content interesting.

The best way to make a great impression on Facebook is to highlight what goes on at your company, to share interesting and fun content. A general rule of thumb is to follow a 70-20-10 content rule. That is, about 70 percent of your content should be about you or self-made, 20 percent should be links and graphics you share from other sources, and 10 is self-promotion. So for example, the majority of your content could highlight the great work your employees do, showcase your employees, and share photos of company events. Add some entertaining or pertinent content from other sources, such as articles from other sources about why you’re a great work environment or funny articles relevant to your field, and top it off with some posts about open positions at your company.

We at NetHire have always promoted the value in creating a strong employer brand. The new Facebook algorithm doesn’t have to negatively impact your audience on the social media site if you maintain a strong brand.