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What To Do In College (Besides Study)

1. Branch out and talk to new people.

1. Branch out and talk to new people. I know this makes some people nervous, but you can meet people from all over the world and learn some really amazing things!
2. Go to sporting events. The traditions are exciting and it brings all the students together in a really cool way!
3. Look into job and internship fairs and the career center on your campus. Many of them offer really great classes on how to approach the job search, what careers fit you, resumes and cover letters etc.
4. Get involved with volunteer work, student media or other student organizations that interest you. You will meet people with similar interests and it is really amazing what college students are able to accomplish that really matters!
5. Explore the town. So many students stick to campus and never branch out. Many college towns have a lot more than the campus, so do some exploring!