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A Quick and Easy Path to Success

I have found a consistent holdback with my coaching clients to be an inability to recognize, a tendency to downplay and a reluctance to acknowledge their own unique gifts. The reasons for the holdback is sometimes cultural and sometimes social. I learned from one of my Swedish Tele-Boot camp participants that in Scandinavian countries there is a set of cultural 'rules' called the Jante Law which all are expressions of variations on the general theme of "don't think you are anyone special". In Minnesota recently, I discovered the cultural phenom of being "Minnesota Nice", which lauds politeness, self-effacement and modesty. And certainly in much of North America, we were brought up to believe that modesty is a virtue and to promote or celebrate ones gifts was considered 'bragging', which was a negative thing that was frowned upon.

We know that the non-acknowledgement of ones gifts, talents and abilities keeps one playing small and that playing small shuts down ones possibilities in life. I want you all to consider blowing your cultural and social patterns out the window. It's time to let your light shine and stop hiding it. It's time to bring your brilliance to the forefront and step into it fully. Think of the possibilities!
Jan Carley, Life Coach