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Creative Writing: Don't Stab Them In the Neck

....and then expect them to be able to

....and then expect them to be able to have dialogue.

There is a story behind this so bear with me.

Back in my creative writing class I wrote a story about this girl who was robbed so she hunted the person who robbed her down and...well things got out of hand.

She ended up stabbing him in the neck and um...

The point is, even though she stabbed him in the neck and he was bleeding profusely, he was still alive and able to talk for quite some time. In fact, he didn't die at all.

He should've died given how long they were there and he wouldn't have been able to talk--as many of my classmates and our instructor hilariously pointed out during revision week.

My point is this: when you're writing, do your research.

Happy writing folks!