Enjoy reading this awesome tutorial on how to make beautiful ruffled curtains from 2 $4 sheets! She makes it look soooo easy with such fabulous results!
Stop reading a bunch of books about writing or books filled with writing prompts if you're not actually going to .... START WRITING.
Sometimes things just do not make sense and a doctor even tells you there isn't a connection. Example 1: My cousin's ears would turn bright red the day before we had an asthma ...
Let's face it, fanfiction is a bowl of fun if you don't take it or yourself too seriously. Want to write your personal best fanfic? Plan it out. Decide from the get go if it wi...
"You only can succeed as bad as you want to breathe"
See how customization combined with training, conferences & workshops delivers results!
Never plant the same crop in the same place two years in a row. Rotate every other year for best results.